Baby, it’s getting cold outside.

Fisherman’s Cottage has plenty of ways to keep you warm both in and outdoors

Ohio’s season are known for weather changing as erratically as a hummingbird feeding from a Honeysuckle Bush. Fisherman’s Cottage has a propane fireplace that will keep you cozy during the coldest of nights.

Lighting the Propane Fireplace

Firing up the fireplace in the downstairs sunroom is easy and will take the chill off. Get there and light it before your spouse does, and you will get bonus romance points! Watch this video and learn how:

Make a campfire in the rustic backyard fire pit

You came to stay at a cabin in the woods for many reasons. One of them is most certainly to build a campfire to cook on, sit around and generally enjoy. Never started a fire before? It’s ok. You don’t need lighter fluid, gasoline or other dangerous accelerants … just a lighter, dry tender and kindling. Watch this video and learn how:

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