What does this button do?

Remote Controls Help Make Life Easy at
Fisherman’s Cottage

We have a lot of tech for a cabin in the woods. Lights, TVs, Fans, DVD, AC … yep, there is a remote for that. In this post we will look at the different remote controls and how they are used in the Fisherman’s Cottage.

Image of remote controls

That’s a bunch of buttons, right there. Here’s a rundown of which components they control and how to use them.

The Upstairs Light

Probably the most important light in the cottage (aside from the bathroom) the little ship’s wheel on top of the upstairs fireplace illuminates the table, bar and lounge areas.

It’s operated by a little white remote. Push the “Channel 1” buttons to turn it on and off. We like to keep it on the dining room table for easy access.

Upstairs TV/DVD

No cable, no problem. The flatscreen on the wall has a built-in DVD player and we have some pretty sweet movies to play.

picture of remote control and TV

The large grey remote that will either be on the table or on the fireplace controls both the flatscreen and built-in DVD player on the side. It’s a big, clunky and confusing remote control. The bottom of the remote controls the DVD player. There are also intuitive controls near the DVD slot on the TV if needed.

Now that you have the upstairs figured out, let’s head down to the captain’s quarters downstairs.

Sunroom Air Conditioner

Welcome to summer in Ohio. Maybe it should be sometimes referred to as “O-HELL-O” in certain months? Our sunroom features 10 large picture windows. With those windows come light … and heat. The air conditioner tries to keep up.

Picture of AC unit

Located on top of the AC unit, this little remote will turn it on, off and switch the unit to different modes. Not only does it operate as an air conditioner, it is also a dehumidifier and fan.

Deck Lights

Heading out onto the hut tub deck? Light it up with a soft, welcoming glow. White string lights are woven through the banisters and are easy on the eyes when enjoying the hot tub.

Picture of lights on the deck

The deck lights are operated with a small black remote control that is located on the small table I the sunroom. It’s a simple ON/OFF operation that illuminates not only the hot tub deck, but pro

Downstairs Sound Bar (Bluetooth too)

Whether you are watching the TV or just want to stream music from your mobile device, the sound bar located beneath flatscreen can do both.

This RCA Sound Bar is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to stream audio from your phone or other mobile device. In addition to using it for your own device, we have it connected to the TV though the “Line-in” selection. You can use this remote to change the settings and volume. Just remember that that when playing the TV, you have to use the sound bar with “Line-In” and you cannot stream audio from your mobile device and watch TV at the same time.

Downstairs Flatscreen TV

Please, use the large windows to watch the wildlife outside before turning on the flatscreen. It is peaceful and entertaining to watch the birds, bugs, squirrels and deer scurry about. BUT it does eventually get dark and you may wanna enjoy a movie, local tv programming or a stream content. There’s a remote for that!

Watch Antenna (Like local PBS)

Grab the Element remote, turn on the TV, push “Source” and select “TV”. This will allow you to watch channels that are picked up via antenna such as WOUB, and when the weather is right, major networks.

Switching to DVD mode

There’s a pretty good selection to choose from. Everything from the Goonies to Friday. Band of Brothers to Disney’s Robin Hood … we think there is a good selection anyway

To switch to the DVD player, choose “AV” from the source menu. Now you can use the other remote control for the DVD player.

The Maganavox remote will control all functions of the DVD player. Sound too low or too loud? Use the Element TV remote to control sound. OK, OK, OK … our sweet selection of DVDs don’t suit your fancy and you wanna stream some content … we have you covered.

Apple TV

The little silver, easily-lost, remote operates the Apple TV. It requires WIFI to work properly, and the internet doesn’t always work (please see You are at a Cottage in the Woods). That being said, its a great way to stream digital content from free services, your own accounts like Netflix or Hulu, or mirror your iPhone to the screen.


Grab the Element remote, turn on the TV, push “Source” and select “HDMI 1”.

To turn on the Apple TV, grab the little silver remote and push the “Menu” button. This will be your primary remote control to go down the rabbit hole of what’s available. Have an account? Sign-in to enjoy.

So, yeah. Thats pretty much it. We have a lot of tech to accommodate many people’s want, needs and desires. Honestly, you don’t need any of it. We have a lake, peace, quiet and more low-tech amenities. Use them. BUT all these other things are cool too.








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